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From salty shores to fiery woks,
Seafood reigns supreme in many flocks.
A feast for all, bursting with flavor,
Each dish a story unto its own.

With every bite of sushi rolls,
A world of flavors and textures unfold.
From creamy crab to rich, raw salmon,
A symphony of subtle, nuanced notes.

But don't forget the fried and grilled,
From crispy calamari to juicy shrimp, thrilled.
Seasoned to perfection, golden brown,
A tempting treat for all in town.

Seafood stews and hearty chowders,
All brimming with goodness, warm and louder.
From creamy bisques to tangy broths,
A taste of the sea so rich and bold.

And let's not forget the classics,
Fish and chips, the humble, rustic.
A dish for all, from street to fancy,
A comfort food that's utterly satisfying.

From paellas to cioppinos,
A global celebration, endless possibilities.
Seafood speaks a universal language,
Of cultures and traditions, and Mother Nature's grandeur.

So let us savor each seafood dish,
Responsibly sourced, ethically wished.
For every catch is a delicate balance,
A tribute to oceans and their bewitching radiance.

For in each meal, we honor the sea,
Its creatures and diversity, and the harmony we need.
So indulge, feast and delight,
For seafood is a treasure that never fails to excite.

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