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Rivers of Living Water

Out of the Heart Flows the Rivers of Living Water

 Rivers of Living Water

Oh, heart of mine, the fountainhead of life,
Where living water flows in ceaseless streams,
The source of joy and peace in endless strife,
Where hope abounds and love forever beams.

From deep within, the waters rise and surge,
A mighty river flowing to the sea,
The current strong, its power to converge,
With other rivers that are yet to be.

The water pure, refreshing to the soul,
A balm to hearts that long for peace and rest,
It makes the broken whole and makes them whole,
It soothes the wounded and the distressed.

Oh, how the waters flow, forever free,
From out the heart, the source of all that's true,
A never-ending stream, eternally,
To quench the thirst of all who come anew.

So let the river flow, forevermore,
From out the heart, the fount of life and more.

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