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Cherish The Moment

Living in the Present

Cherish The Moment

In the depths of a summer storm
When lightning strikes with thunder's form
A fleeting moment of intrigue
A flash of light that does intrigue

And in that moment, I am struck
By beauty that I cannot pluck
A memory I long to keep
But alas, it's not mine to reap

It's like trying to catch the breeze
Or trapping smoke with seeming ease
I yearn to capture it in glass
But time moves on, it will not pass

And so I stand there, in the rain
Watching as it fades again
A reminder of what could be
But only for a moment's spree

The scent of ozone fills the air
As if the world's alive and fair
But as the moment fades away
I'm left with just a memory to stay

The lightning's bolt will never last
Its beauty fades into the past
But still I yearn to capture it
And hold it tight, refuse to quit

For in that moment, I can see
The beauty of what's yet to be
A fleeting spark of hope and light
A glimpse of something oh so bright

So let us cherish moments small
Before they're gone and we recall
That life's but fleeting, here and gone
And what we once had will move on.

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