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Guard Your heart

From deep within the heart

Guard Your heart

From deep within the heart flows living streams,
A river rushing forth with every beat,
Refreshing waters, quenching thirsty dreams,
A wellspring pure, with love and grace replete.

Oh, what a sight, to see these waters flow,
Like crystal clear, the light refracts and gleams,
A soul's pure essence, in a constant glow,
A tranquil pool, with endless depths it teems.

But when the heart is hardened, cold, and dry,
And bitterness has taken root and grown,
The waters slow, and even may run dry,
And in their place, a desert of stone.

So let us tend the garden of the heart,
With care and love, to keep its waters start.

For out of the heart flows the living stream,
A source of life, a hope, a tranquil dream.

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