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He Calmed The Storm

He Calmed The Storm

The winds did howl, the waves did crash and roar,
As disciples sailed upon the sea,
Their vessel tossed and tempests did abhor,
Till Jesus calmed the storm with words so free.

His voice did ring with power and with might,
As lightning flashed and thunder shook the air,
The winds did still, the waves lay calm and quiet,
And all the fears that gripped them fled the air.

For Christ was with them, in their time of need,
His words did soothe their troubled souls so frail,
The winds and waves did bow down to his heed,
And all around, was but a peaceful tale.

So when the storms of life come crashing in,
And tumults toss our souls like endless waves,
May we remember Christ, who frees from sin,
And find in Him the pow'r that calms and saves.

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