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Screen Time

Timing The Screen

Screen Time

Now children, listen here to me,
A word of advice, if you'll agree,
About a thing that's all the rage,
A pastime that has taken the stage.

It's called "screen time", and it's so fun,
It's hard to stop once you've begun,
From games and shows to videos galore,
There's so much to see, and so much more.

But listen close, for I must say,
Too much screen time can ruin your day,
Your eyes will strain, your mind will tire,
And soon you'll find you've lost your fire.

So take a break, and step outside,
Feel the sun, and let it shine,
Run and play, and use your mind,
And soon you'll see, it's so divine.

For life's too short, to spend indoors,
With screens and gadgets, and nothing more,
So put them down, and live a bit,
And you'll find joy, in every bit.

Remember this, my little friends,
Screen time's not bad, but it depends,
On how much you use, and what you do,
So make wise choices, and you'll come through.

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