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The Pacific Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire. a Force no Man can Sway

The Pacific Ring of Fire

In the great Pacific, ‘round a fire does it bend,
A ring forged in flames, a marvel to comprehend,
Volcanoes and earthquakes, the Earth’s temper on display,
The Ring of Fire, a force no man can sway.

Mountains rise up, reaching to the sky,
Lava flows down, leaving everything to fry,
Forests and oceans, no match for its wrath,
A power that destroys all in its path.

Flames light up the night, red and orange hue,
The Ring of Fire, a demon so true,
The ground shakes, a rumble deep below,
A force that strikes fear in the heart of man, oh.

Geological pressures, plate tectonics at play,
A beautiful danger, in nature’s own way,
The Ring of Fire, a wonder to see,
But heed its power, or face destiny.

Amidst the beauty, the danger does brew,
The Ring of Fire, a force to renew,
For even in the calm, in its fiery sight,
Nature’s power beckons us to take flight.

So, heed the warning, the danger in awe,
Respect the beauty, the fire that we saw,
In the great Pacific, the Ring does it lie,
A force to reckon with, until the end of time.

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