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The Past in the Future

The Weight of the Past in the Future

The Past in the Future

The past is a weight we carry,
A burden that we cannot bury.
It shapes us in ways we don't always see,
And affects our future, inevitably.

Every decision we make,
Is influenced by what's at stake.
We learn from our past mistakes,
And try to avoid repeating them, for goodness' sake.

But sometimes, the past has a way
Of dictating our future, come what may.
We're trapped by old habits and patterns,
And struggle to break free, like tattered banners.

Yet, if we're willing to confront
The past and its hold, we may surmount
The obstacles that lie ahead,
And create a future that's brighter instead.

For the past need not define us,
Nor limit what we can accomplish.
With courage and determination,
We can forge a new destination.

So let us not be held back,
By what's happened, in our track.
Instead, let's embrace the lessons we've learned,
And create a future that's truly earned.

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