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The Price we pay for Love

Love Twisted and Complex

The Price we pay for Love

Oh love, how fickle is your heart
And how easily you depart
Leaving us trapped in a maze of pain
As we struggle to make sense of the strain.

You come and go like a capricious breeze
Weaving a web of tangled decrees
And in the end, we are left to grieve
For the love we lost and could not retrieve.

Betrayal cuts like a dagger through the soul
Leaving us shattered and without control
Unable to heal the wounds it has wrought
In our lives, now forever fraught.

The pain of knowing someone else's touch
Has stolen the love that we thought so much
Is a burden that weighs heavy on the heart
And tears us apart, piece by part.

We loved with all our heart and soul
But in the end, it was not enough to hold
The one we adored so fervently
Who left us for another, so carelessly.

Like a rose, our love bloomed in splendor
Fragrant and beautiful, a gift so tender
But the thorns, oh the thorns, they cut so deep
Leaving wounds that never truly sleep.

We long for the one who has gone astray
Hoping they'll return and decide to stay
But we know deep down in our heart
That's just a foolish hope, a false start.

For love is not a promise, nor a pledge
It's a fragile thing, like an egg on the edge
And when it's broken, it hurts so bad
Leaving us lost, sad, and so very mad.

We search for solace in the midnight moon
Wishing for a love that will come soon
But the pain remains, a constant ache
And the heartbreak, oh the heartbreak, it will not abate.

Yet still we cling to our dreams so true
Hoping for a love that will be anew
A love that will heal the wounds of old
And make our hearts feel not so cold.

Oh love, how complex and twisted you are
Leaving us battered and bruised, just like a scar
But still we hold on, clinging to the hope
That one day, we'll find a love that will help us to cope.

So we wait with bated breath and broken hearts
Hoping that love will find us, and take its part
And we'll love again, with a passion so pure
That it will make our hearts sing and our souls soar.

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