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The Sound Of Freedom

The Sound Of Freedom

In a world encased by walls of expectation,
Where conformity whispers its seductive temptation,
There's a yearning, a whisper, a call to roam,
Heeding the echo, the sound of freedom's home.

Through the misty meadows of societal strife,
A lone soul awakens to reclaim its life,
Breaking the chains of collective fate,
With a heart's rebellion, it escapes the gate.

The path untrodden, where wild winds blow,
In the heart's expanse, where dreams freely grow,
A symphony of courage, a melody so sweet,
In the sound of freedom, no chains can compete.

Beneath the boughs of the ancient oak,
Where whispered secrets, liberation spoke,
The captive spirit spreads its wings,
And in the silence, the song of freedom sings.

The walls that once confined, now fade away,
As sunlight pierces through the shadows gray,
A dance with destiny, a release profound,
In the sound of freedom, a sweet resounding sound.

Footprints echo in the soft, untamed earth,
As the traveler discovers their intrinsic worth,
Nature applauds this act of defiance,
As the soul unfurls, breaking from compliance.

Through valleys deep and mountains high,
The liberated spirit soars the sky,
Embracing the vastness, a canvas unrolled,
In the sound of freedom, a story is told.

No longer confined, like a bird in a cage,
The spirit ascends, turning a new page,
In the tapestry of existence, a thread unwound,
Whispering softly, the sound of freedom found.

So let the heart beat to its own drum,
In the symphony of life, let freedom hum,
For in the quiet moments, when shadows are undone,
The true essence of freedom, in the heart is spun.

In the silence of self-discovery's trance,
The soul dances, liberated, free to dance,
And as the echoes of conformity fade,
The sound of freedom becomes a serenade.

So listen closely to the winds that sing,
Feel the liberation their breezes bring,
In the tapestry of life, where dreams are spun,
The eternal anthem of freedom has begun.

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